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Full Soles and Heels, women's fashion shoe repair
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Full Soles and Heels, women's fashion shoe repair

Service Information

A women’s full sole and heel job replaces the original sole and heel facia (assuming the shoe design allows that) or, at the least, the full sole to the joint with the base of the heel. The leather we use is the finest American-made material for that purpose. The heels use a tough, long wearing, polyurethane/rubber with exceptional shock absorbing properties.

After installation, the exposed edges are trimmed to fit, burnished or faired-in (depending on what the fashion of the original sole requires) to a smooth finish, color-matched to the shoe and sealed with a non-shiny water-resistent coating to improve life. Then the shoe is cleaned and, depending on the materials of the uppers and the fashion, polished.

Please note the available options for repair of straps, buckles, snaps or other items. These will be applied to your order only if these options are selcted and paid for at the time of your order. If, on inspection we discover what we believe are necessary services, we will do the ordered and paid work, to the extent possible under the circumstances. We will make a reasonable effort to contact you and request your permission to add suggested work. We will never add suggested repairs without your prior frim approval. If we are unable to contact you or cannot otherwise confirm your approval for additional work, the shoes will be returned with the ordered and paid for work completed and in keeping with the schedule of your order.

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