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Full Soles and Heels, men's dress shoes
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Full Soles and Heels, men's dress shoes

Service Information

A full sole and heel job replaces the entire bottom of the shoe.

For the sole, we use only the finest hand cured Italian leather, the same quality as that used in the finest handmade shoes from Milan. It is thin but tough, lighweight and flexible. In the process of removing the old sole and replacing it, we reonstruct and/or repair, as needed (and it often is) the shoe last.

The exposed edges of the soles, after pricesion trimming and burninshing, are color matched to the shoe and sealed with a clear, non-shiny water-resistant coating to add longer life. 

The heels are - your choice - either solid leather of rubber. Please specifiy your choice at the time you order.

As a final step before returning them, your shoes will be carefully cleaned using a mild, cream based leather cleaner and then hand-shined using the appropriate color of the finest English-made leather polish, and buffed to a shine that will make you smile.

Each shoe repair job is returned in a soft, felt drawstring bag that can be used to buff the shoes and also will allow you to pack your shoes in with clean clothing. We also always replace your shoelaces with a new, same-kind and equal or better quality pair. (The old laces are returned in a plastic bag).

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